• Our Client, a Candidate for Clerk of Court, Successfully Defeated a Candidacy Challenge at Trial, Affirmed by the Fourth Circuit, and Prevailed with a Writ Denial at the Supreme Court

    Anne Zoller Kiefer objected to the candidacy of our client, Hon. Darren Lombard, alleging that Mr. Lombard “failed to qualify for the primary election ‘in the manner prescribed by law’ as required by La. R.S. 18:463,” specifically alleging that Mr. Lombard failed to file a campaign finance report years earlier. In response, we filed peremptory… Continue reading

  • Employer Illegally Withheld Our Client’s Benefits and Final 2 Days Wages, Resulting in an Additional $134,167.12 in Statutory Penalties and Attorney Fees

    At trial, the court correctly found our client, a corporate controller, was owed $2,164.58 for her last 2 days of work, as well as her 10 unused PTO days. This LWPA violation resulted in another $134,167.12 in statutory penalties and attorney fees. The trial court’s judgment noted that “Louisiana Health Care Consultants, LLC (“LHCC”) and… Continue reading

  • The Fourth Circuit reversed the trial court in favor of our client, a laborer, holding that employees who are “constructively discharged” are covered for employer violations of the LWPA for unpaid wages.

    Upholding the vital policy contemplations of the LWPA’s statutory scheme, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal confirmed that Louisiana workers who suffer constructive discharge are still owed all wages they are due. Our client alleged a host of employment violations, including sexual harassment which eventually led to our client no longer being able to work… Continue reading

  • Successful Settlement Against Sheriff’s Office and Deputies who Beat a Hispanic Man, Stole Thousands of Dollars from Him, and Called Homeland Security to Cover the Theft

    A $50,000.00 settlement was agreed to by our client and his family against the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies who beat him and stole thousands of dollars from him, before calling Homeland Security to detain and arrest him to cover up the theft. As a result of the cover up arrest, his daughter was sent… Continue reading

  • Law Firms are Not Above the Law: The First Circuit Affirms Trial Court Verdict, Awarding $16,345.20 in Owed Bonus Wages and $102,893.75 in Penalties and Attorney Fees to Former Attorneys

    Our clients were employed by Seale & Ross as associate attorneys, until they resigned at the end of 2016. Our clients alleged they were owed “settle up” payments, which is the difference between collections from their expected production and their actual production for work performed on certain files. The former law firm employer took the… Continue reading

  • Appellate Court Reverses the Trial Court on the Duration of Employee’s Non-Compete, Allowing Client to Pursue His Trade

    The Louisiana Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit, reversed a trial court judgment against our client that would allow an employer’s alleged non-compete agreement to unlawfully enjoin him from working for two years from the date of judgment. Mr. Smith’s last assignment of error argues the judgment, which preliminarily enjoins Mr. Smith from working for RCC… Continue reading