What We Do

We represent those who suffer unfortunate injuries affecting their life and their ability to earn a living, as well as working people wronged by their employers.

What makes us different?

We admire and respect hard-working people

Hard-working people deserve hard-working representation. We believe that it is every person's inalienable right to earn – and be paid – a fair and decent living by their hard work.

If you are injured, let us worry about those responsible so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

  • Are you a hard-working parent who got hit on the way to pick up your child from day care?
  • Does your boss or company refuse to pay you overtime for your hard work?
  • Did you sustain a recent injury that is keeping you from earning a living and/or providing for your family?
  • Is your boss or company refusing to pay you wages, bonuses, or other monies that are owed to you?

We are not afraid to stand up against any person, any company, anytime, or anywhere for injured persons and workers’ rights.

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Meet Kenny

Since I was big enough to push a lawnmower I began working. I have not stopped. I worked part-time in the service industry and in work study programs to get through high school. In college, I continued and worked full-time on the side. When I moved back to New Orleans I opened businesses and put myself through law school at night. In that time, I witnessed many friends and co-workers suffer extraordinary losses due to unfortunate injuries or unfair treatment. These same people are responsible for maintaining the stability of our communities. These are the people I decided to stand up for.

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