Here a few things I must say to both inform you and protect your rights, as well as mine.

ALL attorneys are governed by a set of rules establishing a minimum level of conduct that must be adhered to in their practice of law and, specifically, obligations to their clients. Like many, my goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations as well as any minimum requirements set by law.

Whoever you choose to represent you, you should be aware of the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct. The below information and disclaimers are in compliance with these rules.

Speak with Professional Counsel

Thank you for visiting the web site of Kenneth C. Bordes, Attorney at Law, LLC (hereinafter “the Firm”). The information provided on the site and/or through hyperlinks is for educational and informational purposes only and is not and should not be construed as legal advice or solicitation. Laws often change and each case is unique; you should speak with professional counsel before taking action.

No Attorney-Client Relationship until an Agreement is Signed

Transmission of information to or from this website, or The Firm, does not create an attorney-client relationship. We form this relationship only when both you and I sign a written engagement/fee agreement setting forth the scope of our particular relationship. This is important so that both The Firm and client understand exactly what The Firm is hired for and what you are paying for. Also, The Firm needs to investigate potential conflicts. For example, The Firm may already represent another party. See Louisiana Rule of Professional Conduct 1.7.

Protect Your Confidential Communications

Be careful not to send confidential information to The Firm until you have a written agreement with The Firm for representation. Be aware that any email or electronic communications to The Firm might not be secure, might not be protected by attorney-client privilege, and might be viewed by other parties.

Stock Images on this Website

Some photos used are stock images, depictions, or fictional events and are not actual scenes or pictures of clients. See Louisiana Rule of Professional Conduct 7.2(c)

I Cannot Guarantee Anything Regarding a Case

Although I wish I could predict the future, The Firm cannot and does not warrant or guarantee any outcome of any matter. See Louisiana Rule of Professional Conduct 7.2(c).

Expertise or Board Certification

The Firm will only make a claim of expertise or certification when in compliance with Louisiana Rule of Professional Conduct 7.2(c). In Louisiana, there are only a few fields of law that allow attorneys to advertise claims of “specialization,” “expertise,” or “board certification.” See Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization.

Links to Third Party Websites

As a convenience, this website may provide links to third-party websites. Such linked websites are not under the control of The Firm, and The Firm assumes no responsibility for the content of those websites.

Responsible Lawyer and Bona Fide Office

The lawyer responsible for the content of this website is Kenneth C. Bordes. Kenneth C. Bordes is licensed to practice in the State of Louisiana and the State of New York. The cost of this website is paid for by The Firm. See Louisiana Rule of Professional Conduct 7.2(c). The Firm operates a bona fide office at: 4224 Canal St., New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119. See Louisiana Rule of Professional Conduct 7.6(b).