Worker’s Rights

All people have the right to be paid fair wages for all of their work performed, and the right to work in a place free of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  Unfortunately, this does not happen for everyone.  Some employers do not know or follow the law.  Even worse, some will present a myriad of excuses for unlawfully mistreating you.  Confidentially contacting an attorney is one of the best ways to understand your rights as a hard-working individual seeking fair treatment.

If you have questions or concerns about these rights and would like to know more, please contact us for more information!

Wage and Overtime Fast Facts

Did you know…

  • Hourly employees are owed overtime wages (150% of your regular rate) for hours worked over 40 hours per week!
  • All employees are entitled to the federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher!
  • Unless exempt, you must be paid for all hours that you are expected and/or required to work!
  • You may be entitled to all of your back wages for the last 3 years, including liquidated damages (all of your owed wages multiplied by 2), your attorney fees, and possible other damages!
  • Your employer cannot force, contract, or ask you in advance to waive your rights in applicable overtime laws!
  • Many employers misclassify their workers – sometimes on purpose – in violation of these laws!
    • Your salary, “job title,” and “job description” have little, if anything, to do with your exemption status for fair wages. It is what you do that matters!
    • Some “managers” and “Vice-Presidents” are not exempt and are owed back wages.
  • Wage payment laws are often violated with regard to “independent contractors” as well. Determining the relationship between the employer/employee/independent contractor relationship is important in determining your rights!
  • You should be paid for all work expected of you, whether on or off the clock, out of the office, pre-shift and post-shift, and travel times.
  • You have a right to be paid timely and in full!
  • It is unlawful for any employer to retaliate, or take adverse action against any you or any employee, who seeks to enforce their rights under these laws!

Employment/Workplace Violations

Did you know…

  • You cannot be fired or treated adversely because of your age, gender, race, religion, disability, etc.
  • Harassment (sexual or otherwise) can come from a fellow worker, customer, or supervisor/manager.
  • Your employer has a duty to properly investigate complaints of labor violations.
  • You cannot be fired or treated adversely because you have complained about any unlawful actions of your employer.
  • It is extremely important to document all occurrences, complaints, developments, etc. concerning any potential labor violations!
  • You cannot be forced to work in a “hostile work environment” which can be created by severe or pervasive continued conduct that no reasonable person should endure.
  • Not accommodating a medical condition, when reasonable to do so, is likely a violation of the law.
  • Not paying your final wages timely, including PTO (paid time off), vacation, ETO (earned time off), is against the law and could entitle you to penalties.

You should contact us if you believe your employer has unfairly treated you.