I had a fear of not being able to go to college and I was cautious about who to hire. Kenny was without a doubt a tremendous help, a great and friendly person, and helped me get some money to go to college. – Tyrell Anderson

I was stressed out, frustrated, and afraid and I didn’t know what to do about my future. Kenny informed me of my rights, helped me to be heard, and gave me my future back! – Jeanette K.

Kenny took great care of everyone and believed in our case. I was out of options, frustrated, and uncertain about the future. Kenny changed my life, took a large financial burden off of me, and helped me move forward with my life. – Alison K.

I hired Kenny because I felt helpless, uncertain, and fearful. Kenny was confident, fearless, diligent and compassionate about our cause. He really fights for you and makes you feel like more than a client. – Erin H.

Kenny helped our life move forward and got justice for us. I didn’t know what to do next or where to turn…we were absolutely frustrated and were not being heard. Kenneth is very down-to-earth and fought hard for our interests. – Amanda B.

I was scared, frustrated, and tired of having my money stolen. Kenny is thorough, hardworking, intelligent, and very easy to talk to…I didn’t feel like i was talking to an attorney but a friend. Kenny helped me move on and gave me freedom. – Carrie B.